Hermitage Presbyterian Church

Existing for the People Outside Its Doors


Tammy Goff has taken the Youth Group  to work at the Operation Christmas Child Warehouse in Maryland.



Miles Fitzgerald, Tyler Wolke and Jackson Sherman shared their experience at a youth conference in our worship service.

The conference is for youth, youth leaders, and young adults.

Check out their Facebook page: facebook.com/Triennium

‘We are here, we are ready, and we are eager to see what God is about to do’

Shirts were all ready for them!  All they had to do was pick them up!

Enjoying the company of old friends and quickly making new friends.

Don't think they lost any weight on the trip!  Found the dining hall in no time at all!

Small discussion groups meet to learn and discover new ways to be followers of Christ.

Our Super delegation- Presbyteries of WV, Peaks, James and Shenandoah

The worship is so exciting that youth come 40 minutes early in order to get seats in the front.

How happy God must be to see 4,000 young people learning and praising His name!

Our Youth enjoy many adventures throughout the year.  They are an amazing group of young people.


The youth serve when we celebrate the current month's birthdays at Birthday Blessing after worship Service.