Hermitage Presbyterian Church

Existing for the People Outside Its Doors

Unable to join us in person? Checking us out before heading in on a Sunday? We're glad you are here.


To join us online Sunday mornings at 9:45, you may go to our Facebook page (see link below). To view after-the-fact, you may either watch on our Facebook page or come here to find the link to the service in question.


Facebook has updated access requirements as of the end of 2022, requiring the creation of a login to access our Page. You do not need to have Facebook Profile to create this kind of a loginWe have begun to explore other options to make access more convenient for you.


Click the links below to access resources for any Sunday in the months indicated. Please note the following:


  • Sermon links for Sept. 11 - Nov. 20, 2022 include podcasts recorded following the live service.

  • The September 4 sermon summarizes our June-August 2022 series, ExtraOrdinary Time.  Please take the time to read through it and consider how God is calling YOU to use your gifts for the church and the world!


We pray this feature of our website will be a blessing to you.