Hermitage Presbyterian Church






*Ann Layne (Sister-in-law of Vicky Layne)

*Travis Brady (a friend's son of Vicky Layne)

*Melissa Teachey (Granddaughter of Hank and Kitty Coffey)

* The Family of Mildred Wilkerson (Aunt of Elizabeth Fitzgerald)

*Devan Bateman (Washington and Lee University Student who sustained a spinal cord Injury)

The People of the Ukraine

Donna Lester

The Family of Jeremy Chandler

Roxie Wine

Nancy Evers

Jackie Davis 

Michelle Toman Hudson and Family

Janet Arndt and her Daughter Janice Holland

Angie Cash

Glenn Drumheller

Ray Drumheller

Logan Drumheller

Larry Craighead

Jim and Kathy Glover

The Glover Family

Lilly Myers and her parents: Adrianna and Austin Myers

Mildred Hartman

Ernie Ambler and Family

Roxie Campbell 

Robyn, Zach, Jacob and Matthew Stratton and their families

Richard and Sandy Gruver

Aidan Peters and his Parents: Becca and Adam Peters

Family and Friends of Barbara Clark

Eleanor Altizer

Lisa Teachey

Lee Cupp

Gabriel Falls

Judy Abbott

Adam Garst

Ellie Garst

Jason Mader

Fred and Nancy Mader

Jane Glenn (Friend of Vicky Layne)

Warren and Barbara Gilmer

Anna Hartman

Jeremiah Hughes - 18 year old fighting Acute Lymphoblastic

Leukemia. Son of Bobbi and TJ Hughes

Derek Jost (Friend of Cheryl Byrd)

Joe Kennedy and Mary Kennedy

Gary Layne

George Lester

John Lotts

Michelle Lough (Kitty Coffey's daughter)

Edna Marshall (Anna Hartman's sister-in-law)

Cheri Moats (daughter of Warren Gilmer)

Joe Nicely

Sharon Painter, niece of Ellie Garst

Keith and Cherylon Pitchford (by Lisa Drumheller)

Karen Proffitt (Barbara Gilmer's daughter)

Janet Ragland (Nancy Mader's sister & brother-in-law)

Jane Rexrode

Don Rierson

Sam Robb

Betty and Jimmy Simmons

Larry Theiry (Friend of Janet Arndt)

Carl Tyson

Bentley Varner 

Judy Wade and family 

Paula Watkins

Paul Watts (requested by Ed and Brenda Taylor)



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